EDTECH 506 Personal Introduction Image

   This is my personal introduction image for the first week of Edtech 506.  I chose to layout my images in the form of a “scrapbook” page.  I personally enjoy scrapbooking and I found it to be an appropriate application for this project.  In the center of the image is the moving van that just recently relocated us from the West Coast to the East Coast.  I am a proud military wife and I embrace the opportunities that the Marine Corps has given us. We moved from Kentucky to Virginia to California and now we live in Washington D.C, so I included an image of the country.  I also included a picture of the Iwo Jima Memorial (taken where we now live) to represent our connection to the Marine Corps and a picture of an American flag (taken where we used to live) to represent our commitment to our country.   The picture in the bottom left hand corner is from the day my husband Matt came back from his second deployment!

   I tried to not only include my family life but some of my hobbies as well.  I love to travel and I dabble with photography.  There are four pictures across the top of a few different places I have traveled within the United States.  The picture in the upper left hand corner is of my Dad and I on our cross country road trip last summer. I think the beauty and the variety of landscape in our country is truly unbeatable.  I enjoy running, biking and working out so I included a picture of my husband and I after running a marathon.  I spent the past 3 years teaching math at JSerra Catholic High School.  It was an incredible job and I miss teaching there terribly so I included the school’s logo.  While I was living in California, I developed a love of wine so I included that as well.  Finally, I have picture of my husband and I at an Auburn football game because we are both huge fans!  Well, I think that pretty much wraps me up, I hope you enjoy.


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