Edtech 541 Relative Advantages of Hypermedia VLOG

This is my Video Blog discussing the benefits of using multimedia in the classroom.

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4 Responses to Edtech 541 Relative Advantages of Hypermedia VLOG

  1. Marci,
    I think this is a great video. You have fantastic content and it is obvious you know exactly what you are talking about! Excellent use of resources as well.

  2. achraftouati says:

    Marci, I think you did a great job with your discussion of advantages of multimedia in education. Your video was very informative and made me want to integrate multimedia in my classroom. Great reflection!

  3. Tina Ornduff says:

    You did such a thorough job and provided so much useful information! Thanks for all of the great examples that are so relevant for all students, no matter what the subject and age.

  4. Matthew Sipes says:


    I will third what the other two said. Yes, there were some tech issues, but your content made up for it tenfold. I really liked how you used a quote by Albert Einstein to transition into discussing different types of learning. It was seamless, and really brought home your discussion points. What could have been a simple vlog of you talking went to a great mix of you, images, and good visuals to back up your points. Again, great job!

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