EdTech 541: Course Reflection

Part One: Reflection

As I look back on this semester, I am impressed by the amount of knowledge I have acquired by taking this course. This has been one of the most practical, thought provoking classes I have taken in this program. The course was very well designed and was the perfect elective to take as a K-12 educator. I could see the value of every assignment which I really appreciate. Sometimes I feel that classes are filled with busy work that I do but don’t necessarily benefit from doing them. The final project for this class has provided me with an incredible collection of useful resources and practical lesson plans. I have learned about countless technological tools available for use in a high school math classroom as well as useful strategies for implementing these resources.

My attitude about incorporating technology in a high school math class has changed dramatically. I have always supported the use of technology in the classroom but I didn’t really think there were that many opportunities to do so within my content area. I went from thinking that technology would be nice to use sometimes to thinking that it is an imperative resource for a math educator. A student-centered, constructivist educational environment can be supported and encouraged with the right implementation of technology. The traditional teacher-centered approach is not ideal anymore and does not enhance or promote an effective learning environment.

I love that the knowledge and resources that I have attained in this course can be applied and used in the classroom on a regular basis. Most of the online resources I found are offered for free and are very accommodating for any level student. I worked extremely hard in this class to write practical, functional lesson plans and find useful resources. My only regret is that I am not currently teaching and am not able to use this material in a classroom yet. I plan to share my final project with colleagues so that I can share this knowledge and the lesson plans can hopefully be used.

While I was enrolled in this course, I expanded my knowledge of educational technology profoundly. In this process, I completed assignments that fulfilled several of the AECT Standards set for students in this EdTech program. Undoubtedly, I exhibited knowledge of and practice with achieving the design, development and utilization standards. However, the specific standards that were achieved by each assignment can be found on my final project website.


Part Two: Assessment

As a self-proclaimed “math person,” writing is one of the difficult tasks for me. I am not a naturally gifted writer and every week I had to dedicate significant time and effort to writing my blog posts. I learned so much through the process of researching for these posts and I loved reading my colleagues responses as well. Even though the blogging experience was not one of my favorite assignments, I benefitted tremendously and valued the learning opportunity. With that being said, the following scores sum up how I would assess my blogging performance.

Content – Proficient (67/70)

I gave every prompt considerably attention and thought. I researched and read many additional resources. I responded with personal insight and professional support. I know that I could have written more eloquently and communicated my thoughts at a deeper level though.

Readings and Resources – Outstanding (19/20)

I supported each and every blog post with professional resources. I included relevant quotes and researched additional topics for every prompt. Some of my resources were not as recent as they could be though.

Timeliness – Outstanding (19/20)

I posted every blog response within the given due dates that were assigned. Most weeks, I had my blog responses written and posted at least 48 hours prior to the due date. However, there was one week that I posted on the due date so I am not giving myself full credit.

Responses to Other Students – Outstanding (30/30)

I responded to at least two of my classmates’ blog posts every week. I responded with thoughtful, substantial comments.

Total = 135/140

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2 Responses to EdTech 541: Course Reflection

  1. I love reading your blogs and projects! I couldn’t agree more about the blogs … as a “math” person it was also very difficult for me to complete them.

    I think you did excellent and consistent work all semester!

  2. Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. says:

    I so appreciate your feedback – I am a pragmatist and want students to create work-projects that they can use with their students. I also appreciated your enthusiasm all through the course. Math, too often, gets a bum rap but when it is applied and enhanced with technology, it can be so excited. I bet your students love you!

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